Navigating High D Personalities in Sales…

In the world of sales, understanding your client’s personality type is crucial to building a successful relationship and closing deals. One such personality type that sales professionals often encounter is the high D personality, characterized by a strong drive for progress and a desire to keep moving forward. However, their need for speed can sometimes hinder their ability to fully comprehend and evaluate the information presented to them. This post will delve into the intricacies of working with high D personalities and provide strategies for using language to help them slow down and make informed decisions.


Understanding High D Personalities:


High D personalities, as defined by the DiSC personality assessment, are driven, decisive, and high-paced. They are goal-oriented individuals who value efficiency and results. However, anything that slows down their progress can trigger unconscious feelings of anxiety, which can cloud their judgment and reduce their ability to reason logically and hear what you have to say.


The key to working with different personalities lies in four  main aspects: making them feel seen, safe, accepted and protected.  In working with a High D, acknowledging their need for speed and efficiency while providing a sense of security can help them slow down, even if just a little, to make more informed decisions.


Communicating with High D Personalities:


Speak their Language: High D personalities appreciate clear, concise communication. Avoid fluff and get straight to the point. Use language that emphasizes progress and results. For example, instead of saying, “This house has a lot of updates and features,” say, “This house has all the specific needs you were looking for as well as most of the ‘wants’ you were hoping for.”


Acknowledge their Drive: Make them feel seen by acknowledging their drive to move forward. Use phrases like, “I think it’s important to move quickly so we don’t miss any opportunities,” or “I see how important it is for you to keep moving forward.”


Provide Assurance: High D personalities need to feel safe to slow down. Assure them that taking time to understand the details will not hinder their progress but will instead lead to more efficient results. Use phrases like, “Taking a moment to understand these details will help put us in a position so when we find ‘the house’ we are ready to move quickly on it and won’t have something get in our way.”


Avoid Negative Language and Focus on Positive Outcomes: High D personalities can be sensitive to language that suggests slowing down or potential obstacles. Instead of saying, “We need to slow down to consider this,” say, “By giving this our attention now, we’re ensuring smoother progress ahead.” Similarly, instead of highlighting potential obstacles, focus on how you can help them overcome these challenges. Use phrases like, “While there might be potential challenges, our experience and expertise will help navigate those efficiently, keeping us on track towards your goals.” This approach not only mitigates potential issues but also helps regulate their desire to keep moving forward by assuring them of continuous progress.


Working with high D personalities can be a rewarding experience if navigated correctly. By understanding their need for speed and efficiency, acknowledging their drive, providing assurance, and using emotionally intelligent language, sales professionals can help high D personalities slow down and make more informed decisions. Remember, the goal is not to change their nature but to guide them in harnessing it more effectively.

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