GEt immediate access to our state of the art

personality assessment & team communication platform

A revolutionary new platform designed to help you understand yourself and your team at a whole new level.

Nothing can stand in the way of personal insight.

But if you've ever struggled with the first steps to knowing your personality and how to communicate with others different than you, the road can be long and winding - to say the least.

what if there was one place you could get:

  • Unlimited access to 3 different popular assessments - DISC, 16-Types (Myers Briggs®) and Enneagram - to know yourself on a deeper level
  • Personalized reports for your results
  • Coaching insights and growth recommendations
  • Daily prompts and insights via email and a convenient online platform
  • Complimentary ADVanced Insight Assessment with a 75+ page personality profile with insights and suggestions for growth.

If you’re tired of doing it alone and relying on willpower alone, the TAP Personality Assessment & Team Communication Platform is perfect for you.

The platform is designed to help support you along the way with deep insights, personalized information and convenient access – it’s like having your own personal rocket to success.

Perfect for individuals and Teams

If you're using the platform for personal use, you'll receive incredible insights into your own personality, behaviours and more.

But if you're in a team or business environment - the premium package unlocks several key features that will be indispensable.

Client Navigator

Simply by answering a few questions about your interactions with a client, our system will predict their communication styles and provide recommendations for improved communication, sales and effective meetings.

Premium Assessments

Access additional assessments including detailed insights into personal motivation, time efficiency, team efficacy and more.


Powerful personal insights for faster growth and goal achievement.


14.97/ month


Do you wish you could "see into" the minds of your customers and clients?

  • Access to both basic and premium assessments
  • Personalized Reports
  • Daily growth tips and coaching
  • Free detailed personality blueprint
  • Powerful client navigator


147.00/ year