Your Virtual Coach – Deposit


Introducing the Early Adopter Program for the revolutionary, personalized AI Life Coach service. This program offers life coaches a unique opportunity to extend their expertise and personality to clients around the clock, through an advanced AI platform.

With our Early Adopter Package, you gain access to a suite of services designed to create and maintain a virtual version of yourself, crafted with your unique background, expertise, and coaching style. This AI Life Coach is not just a digital assistant; it’s a personalized extension of you, offering your clients continuous support, guidance, and insights.

Pricing Details:

  • Non-Refundable Deposit: Secure your spot in this limited program for just $697, ensuring exclusive early adopter pricing.
  • Initial Setup Fee: For a one-time fee of $1800 (totaling $2,497 with the deposit), we will collaborate with you to develop your AI Coach. This includes 20 initial assessments and a customization process that integrates your professional expertise and personal coaching style.
  • Monthly Recurring Fee: For $397 per month, we provide ongoing updates, maintenance, and minor adjustments to keep your AI Coach aligned with your evolving coaching methods.

Client Personalization Options:

  • Client Personalized AI Coach: Create a unique AI Coach for each client for a one-time setup fee of $397. This includes integrating their personality and background to offer a truly individualized coaching experience.
  • Client Coach Recurring: Continue providing top-tier service to your clients with ongoing updates and maintenance for just $75 per month, per client.

Additional Benefits:

  • Add-On Reports: Enhance the coaching experience with Leadership Guides, Empowerment Reports, and more, available at a 25% discount when bundled with the AI consultant tool.
  • Volume Discounts: Tailored discounts for bulk orders, perfect for expanding your client base or scaling your coaching business.

This AI Life Coach is more than just a tool; it’s a transformative journey that integrates your professional wisdom with AI efficiency. It’s like offering your clients a personal mentor, available anytime and anywhere, to support and guide them towards their goals. Whether for personal development, career growth, or emotional well-being, this AI Coach is designed to adapt and evolve with your client’s needs, ensuring a personalized and effective coaching experience.

Join the Early Adopter Program and revolutionize the way you offer coaching services, providing unparalleled value and convenience to your clients while expanding your own coaching capabilities.