Leadership Spotlight: Connor Steinbrook

Connor Steinbrook is not just a dynamic leader in the real estate industry, but also a profound influence in my life. Known for his innovative approach to business and unwavering commitment to personal development, Connor is the driving force behind the Wolf Pack, a rapidly expanding organization within EXP Realty, and Investor Army, a widely recognized YouTube channel dedicated to real estate investing.

Connor’s journey to success is a testament to his resilience and entrepreneurial spirit, traits that have deeply inspired me. His career began in the world of online poker, where he was a top player. However, when government regulations brought the industry to a halt, Connor found himself without an income and had to move back in with his parents. This setback, rather than breaking him, sparked a journey into self-development and business education. Here, he learned the importance of creating value for the marketplace and the four components of wealth: multiple income streams, duplication, equity, and residual income.

Despite initially going $100,000 in debt and being urged to file bankruptcy, Connor chose to venture into real estate investing. He worked minimum wage jobs while building websites and teaching himself about real estate. His tenacity and hard work paid off, leading to the establishment of a successful investment company, where he wholesaled and flipped houses, bought rental properties, and created and sold notes.

His success led him to start the Investor Army YouTube channel, where he shares his journey and teaches others how to succeed in real estate investing. The channel quickly became one of the largest in Texas for residential real estate investing.

In 2018, Connor moved his license to EXP Realty, attracted by the company’s scalable business model and the opportunity to create wealth, not just income. Since then, his organization, the Wolf Pack, has grown to over 2,800 agents, and he has become a strong advocate for the company’s cloud-based model, which he believes offers agents a more efficient and profitable way to work.

Connor’s leadership style is characterized by his commitment to education and his belief in the power of personal development. He is known for his weekly mastermind calls, where he shares his knowledge and experience with other agents, and his dedication to helping others succeed.

I’ve been blessed to have some pretty deep discussions with Connor. He’s been there to celebrate my wins and lift me up in my lows. His innovative approach to real estate and his commitment to personal development make him a standout leader in the industry, and a personal inspiration. Connor is a leader who has transformed not only his own life through resilience, self-education, and entrepreneurship, but also the lives of those fortunate enough to know him, including mine.

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