Leadership Spotlight: Mycal Anders, Empowering Leaders to Reach Their Next Level

In the world of leadership and performance consulting, few names resonate as strongly as Mycal Anders. A Marine Corps veteran, performance consultant, and founder of Next Level Performance Consulting, Mycal has dedicated his life to empowering leaders and high achievers to prioritize their health, eliminate stress, and create alignment between their habits and behaviors.

A Journey of Service and Leadership

Mycal’s journey is one of service, leadership, and continuous learning. With nearly 25 years of strategic leadership experience and multiple graduate degrees from Arizona State and Thunderbird School of Global Management, Mycal has a deep understanding of the challenges leaders face. He realized that many leaders and high achievers often lose themselves in the pursuit of momentous achievement. This realization led him to found Next Level Performance Consulting in 2011.

Building the Fittest Leaders

Next Level Performance Consulting is more than just a consulting firm; it’s a platform for building the fittest leaders. Mycal’s vision is to create a world where leaders show up as the best version of themselves, living in abundance and fulfillment. The company’s mantra, “Progress Always,” reflects the belief that the journey of self-improvement is ongoing and that the greatest stories are told through the process that is life.

The company’s logo, featuring four stars with the fourth one incomplete, is a testament to this belief. The stars are representative of Mycal’s military roots and service to others before self, symbolizing the highest rank one can achieve in military service. They also represent what we should all be trying to achieve: our highest and best self. The 4th star is broken because we will forever be a work in progress, a never-ending journey.

A Respected Voice in Leadership and Performance Consulting

Mycal’s expertise and insights have not gone unnoticed. He has been featured on the Radio Business X Podcast, Barbell Shrugged, Barbell Business, Gym Lords, Theta Wave, Paradise Valley Lifestyle Magazine, Team Red, White & Blue’s “The Eagle” Podcast, and is a regularly featured speaker for Charles Schwab and Amazon.

Next Level: A Fully Integrated Training Facility

Next Level is one of Phoenix Metro’s only fully integrated training facilities, offering a range of services from recovery therapies like red light therapy, infrared sauna, compression therapy, and fascial stretch therapy, to mindset and personal development programs like The Leaders Forum and 1on1 individual coaching. It also offers fitness programs including group training and CrossFit classes, customized personal training, and nutrition coaching.

Progress Always

Mycal and his team at Next Level are committed to helping individuals eliminate excuses, stop wasting money on extra memberships, and stop wasting time driving all over to make themselves a priority. They offer everything you need in a consolidated, convenient location, with a la carte or all-inclusive options.

To learn more about the Next Level Path and how to prioritize your health by eliminating stress and creating alignment between your habits and goals, visit www.nextlevelpfc.com and book your complimentary consultation. Follow Mycal and Next Level on Instagram at @coachderz & @nextlevel_phx.

In the words of Mycal Anders, “Progress Always!”

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