WHat if you could

unlock the secret

to driving your team's productivity

in less than a day?

Let Me Clarify That…

What if you could master the art of motivating not just yourself but also your real estate team to consistently take action and stop making excuses?

What if you could understand the mechanics of motivation, the delicate balance of pain and pleasure, and the importance of choice in driving action?

What if you could leverage motivation as a boost rather than fuel, creating a high-performing, self-propelling team that works regardless of wavering motivation levels?

This mastermind event, No Excuses, Just Results: Fueling Action and Accelerating Production in Your Real Estate Team, is designed to address your specific challenges, equip you with tactical tools, and provide you with effective strategies to stimulate action and elevate productivity.

If you want to learn how to truly ignite action within your team and drive them towards better productivity and results, then you'll definitely want to READ ON...

You know that to achieve your business goals, and to ensure the sustained growth of your company
something has to change…

You're tired of the inaction and the lack of productivity.


  • You try to recruit top talent, but they don't seem to be willing to put in the work
  • Your agents know what they need to do, but they struggle to take action and make it happen
  • You've got leads, but your team doesn't seem motivated to follow through and close the sales
  • You're in a leadership role, yet you find yourself constantly struggling to motivate your team
  • You're not looking for temporary motivation spikes, you need sustainable action from your team

Imagine a thriving business with a proactive team effortlessly moving into action...

A business that operates in flow, with no resistance. The key to this transformation lies not in motivation alone, but in conscious and unconscious choices.
There are two types of choices: unconscious (habit) and conscious (decision). Most people spend too much time seeking motivation instead of making the right choices that lead to action.
It's not just about fueling action; it's about sparking a transformation that will lead to greater success for you and your team.

If you're ready to ignite action and accelerate production in your real estate team,
we've got just the thing for you...



Fueling Action and Accelerating Production in Your Real Estate Team

upcoming date:

June 15, 2023 in Edgewater, NJ
(9:30am-3:30pm EDT)

July 13, 2023 in Orange County, CA
(9:30am-3:30pm PDT)


I was struggling to communicate with a couple of the agents in our office and was grasping at straws.

This course not only helped me understand them at a deeper level, but understand myself. Understanding how people think and how the different ways of thinking create interference patterns that interrupt communication was a game changer

I had my entire team take this course and the feedback from our clients has been unbelievable!

What makes "No Excuses, Just Results" different?

Simply put, it's the combination of unique insights, practical tools, and an intimate, interactive environment. This workshop is designed as an exclusive mastermind event for no more than 15 leaders, ensuring personalized attention and in-depth discussion.
This mastermind combines the theoretical and practical, providing a comprehensive yet easy-to-implement approach to driving team action and productivity.

Are you ready to fuel action, accelerate production, and elevate your real estate team to new heights?

When you enroll you'll get access to:

  • An exclusive, high-value mastermind event with no more than 15 participants
  • Interactive discussions, practical exercises, and sharing of tactical tools and strategies.
  • Catered Lunch at Flemings Prime Steakhouse
  • 30 min, 1:1 Consultation call with Alex Aanderud

Total Value $1497
Today’s Price $997

About your Trainer, Alex Aanderud

With a corporate background working as an Engineer supporting experimental flight-test for Boeing and the US Military,  I've worked on projects including the 787 Dreamliner, the P-8 Poseidon and the T-X Flight Trainer for the US Air Force.

During that time, I studied extensively the Japanese model of manufacturing and leadership including concepts like Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, VSM and most importantly, Kaizen.  Kaizen is the idea of continuous improvement… always getting better, becoming more.  

During my time at Boeing I also studied with Advanced Integrative Psychology and became a certified trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Hypnotherapy and MER® - Mental and Emotional Release®.  

I am a professional member of the National Speakers’ Association, a founding member of the Association of Change Management Professionals, a proud member of The John Maxwell Team and an official Grant Cardone Licensee.  Finally, I am certified through both The John Maxwell Team and InnerMetrix (The technology behind WizeHire) as a Certified Behavioral Consultant.

I've worked with Real Estate, Mortgage and Title companies across the US, helping both individuals and teams improve communications and operations.  I have also helped coach, mentor and train high level coaches within various coaching organizations such as The Tom Ferry Organization, Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, MAPS coaching, PSI Seminars,  International Coaching Federation (ICF) and over 50 different Direct Sales Organizations. 

This high-level mastermind event is your chance to connect with like-minded real estate leaders, learn practical strategies to boost your team's productivity, and see real RESULTS in your business.

Total Value $1497
Today’s Price $997